Welcome to Hydrex. Existing customers will find our website combines all the information of our previous Hydrex and Ecospeed websites and much more. You can find all the information on Hydrex worldwide services and products. Feel free to contact us 24/7 if you need additional information. Our technical department is ready to create a tailor-made solution for your specific needs.

Hydrex offers turnkey underwater repair and maintenance solutions to shipowners wherever and whenever they are needed. Our large and multidisciplinary team will help you find the best solution for any problem encountered with your ship below the water line. We will immediately mobilize our diver/technicians to any location around the globe to carry out necessary repair work without the need to drydock.

All the projects we undertake are engineered and carried out in close cooperation with the customer and any third party suppliers. They begin with evaluating the feasibility of an underwater repair, continue through design and construction of customized equipment and go all the way through to successful execution of the repair or replacement and subsequent follow-up. We take on, organize and execute the entire job, start to finish, relieving the customer of all the hassle of coordination, planning and supervision.

Ecospeed, developed, produced and delivered exclusively by the Hydrex Group, is an environmentally safe underwater hull coating system which dramatically improves a ship's performance and provides it with long-term protection. It consists of a unique, entirely original and thoroughly proven system that combines the advantages of an easy-to-apply superior, entirely non-toxic coating, a surface treatment for hydrodynamic optimization and a long term underwater maintenance service system.

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