Hydrex is renowned for bringing drydock-like conditions to ships and offshore units. This helps owners to extend their vessel’s drydock interval and eliminates the loss of time and production brought about by drydocking.

This is done with our mobdocks. Mobdock is short for ‘mobile mini drydock’. With this technology work below the water line is done by taking a small mobile drydock environment to the vessel, rather than by taking it to a shore based drydock. With the implementation of this technique Hydrex diver/technicians can perform permanent repairs to all parts of the underwater ship propulsion system, as well as steel work or crack repairs in drydock-like conditions.

Because of the nature of repair work, it is often necessary for solutions to difficult problems to be worked out in a short time period, sometimes even after an operation has already started. This can only be done successfully by people who have familiarity with such challenges and the relevant know-how to resolve these technical difficulties. This is why Hydrex has a technical department capable of executing all the required planning, an in-house Research & Development department that can take care of the engineering aspect of an operation and diver/technicians that are trained and qualified to perform the full range of required class-approved repair procedures in even the harshest conditions. We have found that an effective, competent team is the only way to consistently achieve a high quality result in the short periods of time usually available to ships with a tight schedule to maintain.

Through an ever-expanding, worldwide network of offices and service stations Hydrex can provide these start-to-finish solutions economically at any location. Headquartered in the Belgian port of Antwerp, we have offices in Tampa (U.S.A) and  Algeciras (Spain). And the list is growing as the demand for cost-effective localized services increases.

All Hydrex offices have fully operational fast response centers where an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment is available at all times for immediate deployment with our skilled diver/technician teams to wherever they are needed.

All this is done to make sure that Hydrex is always prepared for all operations, including those that present unexpected conditions.

Contact us 24/7 with your underwater ship repair needs, routine or emergency, and we will help you get under way again rapidly without the need of a costly drydocking.