• New generation propeller cleaning offers large cost savings

    New generation propeller cleaning offers large cost savings


    The effect of a rough propeller on the vessel’s fuel consumption is significant. The cost of remedying a rough propeller is very minor. Remedies for a rough propeller are not only simple and quick to execute, they also represent a fast, high return on investment.

    A rough propeller results in a fuel penalty for the ship. How large that penalty is depends on the degree of roughness. At current fuel prices, the fuel penalty from a rough propeller adds up to a high cost. Conversely, the savings attainable from keeping a ship’s propeller clean and smooth are significant.

    Mr. Eric Fjellström, Chief Engineer of M/V Carmen said that “you can also clearly tell the difference in ships’ performance after Hydrex has done its thing [propeller cleaning].”

    Badly done polishing with a polishing disc or grinding wheel can in itself create a rougher surface than that of the new propeller, leaving scratches which not only increase the propeller’s roughness but also invite easier attachment of fouling organisms.

    Cleaning a propeller once every month or every two months would in many cases be optimum. If carried out this frequently, cleaning with a relatively soft tool is adequate to keep a well-maintained propeller smooth. Such light cleaning can be accomplished rapidly and efficiently.

    Thanks to its network of offices and service stations, Hydrex can offer propeller cleanings on a worldwide basis. These operations are carried out using underwater equipment designed and developed in-house specifically for propeller maintenance. Hydrex combines this service with underwater inspections where this is economically advantageous to the shipowner or operator.

    More information on the advantages of propeller cleanings can be found in Hydrex White Paper No. 10: Ship Propeller Maintenance: Polish or Clean?, which is available for download for free at  www.shiphullperformance.org.