• Hydrex custom solutions

    Hydrex custom solutions


    There is a little-known service Hydrex offers shipowners, ship operators, technical departments, ship superintendents and others who have a need for underwater repair and maintenance: custom solutions to vexing problems. The only trouble is that people often don’t come to us for these solutions because it never occurred to them that an out of drydock solution was possible.

    Hydrex offers custom solutions which require know-how, experience, engineering skill, R & D and a certainty of what can and what cannot be done with or to a ship out of drydock. Think of Hydrex as an underwater technology company, not a diving company. Although we certainly know how to dive! We also do customized solutions for ships and underwater structures.

    Here are some examples:

    • One OEM delivered some ships with the wrong spinner cone bolts. These then had to be replaced under warranty but this could only be done in a dry environment. Drydock right? Wrong. Hydrex developed a cofferdam based solution which made it possible to replace the cone bolts without the huge extra expense and hassle of drydocking the ships. Once developed for one ship, the same system could be used on others which had the same problem.
    • A ship builder delivered a new vessel to a navy but found during an inspection that there was a possible problem with the propeller blades. The ship was under warranty. The manufacturer needed to do a dry inspection, preferably without going to drydock. Hydrex designed and engineered a dry underwater repair technique which permitted the inspection to be done.
    • A ship was grounded with major damage which made it look like it would have to go into drydock locally in the Persian Gulf. Hydrex worked with naval architects and in-house engineering to come up with a solution which would repair the damage and provide enough strength for the ship to sail on to its Chinese destination where it was due to drydock. This was done and saved enormous expense and delay.

    There are many, many more examples. In some cases a problem with a specific vessel, once solved, opens the door to remedying the situation in a whole fleet or at least a number of vessels. In all cases the solution found requires knowledgeable engineering and advanced underwater technology and techniques which only a very few companies can deliver. Hydrex is at the forefront of such solutions.

    So, where is this leading? If you have a problem with a ship or a fleet, or any underwater structure for that matter, which you are not sure can be solved out of drydock, give us a call. We will evaluate the problem and let you know whether an underwater solution is feasible and, if it is, how much it would cost and how rapidly it can be carried out.

    You’d be amazed at what can be solved without the need for drydocking.
    If you have any problem with your ship or fleet that you feel might be resolved with a custom solution without drydocking, our Technical Department would be happy to discuss it with you and let you know if we can help with it.