• Underwater stern tube seal replacement in Algeciras avoids drydocking

    Underwater stern tube seal replacement in Algeciras avoids drydocking


    To save time and money for the owners of a 270-meter container vessel that was leaking oil, a Hydrex diver/technician team replaced four stern tube seals, using one of Hydrex’s flexible mobdocks. This enabled the team to carry out the entire operation underwater during the vessel’s stop in Algeciras.

    The diver/technicians mobilized from the Hydrex office in Algeciras, arriving at the dock together with all the needed equipment. The Hydrex team leader met up with the vessel’s owner and superintendent while the rest of the diving team set up a work station to monitor all underwater activities. Next, all quayside preparations were made for the main activity, which started immediately with the removal of the rope guard. This was followed by a thorough underwater inspection and shaft wear down readings.
    Next the flexible mobdock was installed, creating a dry working environment for the divers,  making it possible for the entire stern tube assembly to be cleaned. Because the forward seals were damaged as well, the team first replaced both of them and created a new running area. Hydrex diver/technicians then entered the dry underwater environment created around the stern tube seal assembly by the flexible mobdock. The four aft stern tube seals were replaced and bonded one by one. The team created a new running area for these seals as well.