• Fast underwater ship hull repairs save time and money

    Fast underwater ship hull repairs save time and money


    Hydrex on-site hull repair services include the renewal of both small and large areas of damaged hull plating. These repairs can be carried out above or below water, according to the circumstances, with tailor-made mobdocks. Normal commercial activities can therefore continue without disruption. These operations follow the Hydrex procedure for welding cracks in the vessel's shell plating and they are approved by the major classification societies.

    Hydrex diver/technician teams carry out these on-site hull repairs all over the world. In most cases the damaged area can be replaced with a permanent insert and no condition of class is imposed. On the rare occasions where the damage does not allow such a repair, a temporary doubler plate is installed over the affected area. This allows the owners to keep to their schedule and have a permanent repair carried out during the next scheduled drydock visit.

    Building on an ever-expanding worldwide network of offices and support bases, Hydrex can provide these repairs at reasonable costs across the globe. All offices are fully equipped and can mobilize immediately. As part of the Hydrex Group they can take advantage of the company’s many years of experience.

    Repairs of this kind can only be done successfully by trained divers/technicians who are familiar with them and who have the relevant know-how to resolve all of the technical difficulties encountered during underwater operations. This is why all Hydrex technical staff from all offices undergo stringent training after which they are able to perform a wide range of operations. They can achieve the same high quality without unnecessary loss of time.

    The following case study gives an account of a recent hull repair performed by Hydrex.

    Underwater doubler plate installation in South-Korea
    Hydrex was contacted to install a doubler plate over a crack in flat bottom plating of one of the water ballast tanks of a 225-meter bulk carrier during her stop in Yeosu, South-Korea.

    Shortly after arriving at the location, our diver/technicians performed an underwater inspection to make a full assessment of the damage. Next the team prepared the area around the crack for the installation of the doubler plate. Crack arrests were burned on both sides of the crack  to stop it from growing bigger. The plate was then welded in place over the damaged area on the underwater hull

    The repair was performed according  to the Hydrex class approved procedures. As in all operations we carry out, essential professional  standards were upheld to ensure the  future safety of the ship.

    Despite the relative size of such operations they can be nonetheless vital for a ship owner if he wants to keep his ship on  schedule without unnecessary loss of  time or money.