• State-of-the-art fast response centers allow swift mobilization around the world

    State-of-the-art fast response centers allow swift mobilization around the world


    The Hydrex offices have fast response centers that are designed for a fast mobilization to vessels all around the world. For this reason they are equipped with a wide-ranging stock of logistic tools and dive support equipment as well as a fleet of vehicles and workboats.

    Hydrex Equipment Officer Koen Smouts is the man responsible for the organization of these fast-response centers. “If you want to do a high standard job you have to have the right tools and equipment,” says Koen. “We train our divers to report as soon as something is not in perfect condition. When they come back from a job they have to check each item separately before they put it back on the shelves. That way they don’t have to worry about it when they take it off the shelves for a job, speeding up the response time. Buying all that equipment is a big investment and we want to keep it in perfect condition, to make sure that it lasts as long as possible.”
    Koen has been to our US office a couple of times to train the new staff members and teach them how to organize their fast-response center in the most economical way. Showing people something is always better than just telling them. He did the same for our other office. New divers are also paired to experienced staff members in all offices.

    Loading the trucks, vans and workboats for an operation is overseen by Koen to make sure that everything is carried out correctly. This is done in close coordination  with the people of our technical department. “They receive the order and then check with me to see what we have in stock and what needs to be bought,” says Koen. “I am in charge of rush purchases. This is necessary because if you have to leave for an emergency operation there is just no time to wait until it has gone through all the regular lines. You have to be able to react immediately.”

    Every few years our entire fleet of vehicles is refurbished or replaced if needed. Trucks and vans are repainted and new vehicle graphics are applied. The inside of the vans is also updated regularly to turn them into  state-of-the-art mobile monitoring stations. “It is essential,” Koen points out, “that all the equipment you use, from clothing and shoes to containers and workboats, is in perfect working condition and looks pristine. This is very important for customers because how you look reflects on the quality of the work. If you don’t look professional, how can you expect people to trust that you can work professionally? What people see above the water is reflected in what is carried out underwater.”