• Class approved underwater shell plating replacement in Antwerp

    Class approved underwater shell plating replacement in Antwerp


    A tanker suffered corrosion damage to the shell plating of one of its fuel tanks. In June we mobilized with one of our dive-support workboats to the vessel’s location in Antwerp to perform a class approved permanent underwater insert repair. This allowed the owner to keep his ship on schedule.

    A week earlier, during the ship’s brief stop in Algeciras, a temporary blank had been installed by Hydrex Spain. They also performed a detailed inspection of the affected area and took the required measurements to modify  the cofferdam that would be used to seal off the damage. This allowed the vessel to sail safely to Antwerp where the available time frame was slightly larger and a permanent repair could be performed.

    We have a large stock of equipment and materials available in our fast response centers. As a result, one of our cofferdams could be modified very swiftly in-house. It was transported to the ship with one of our fully equipped dive-support vessels immediately after the tanker arrived in Antwerp.

    The repair operation started with the removal of the temporary blank and the installation of the cofferdam over the waterside of the damaged area.

    The team then cut away the damage and the surrounding area. Next they positioned a round insert plate, with a diameter of 300mm. The insert was then welded following the Hydrex class-approved procedure for insert plates, using a full penetration weld.

    An independent inspector carried out ultrasonic testing and the repair was approved by the classification surveyor who was present during the operation. The diver/welders then removed the cofferdam, concluding the repair.


    We have the know-how and experience needed to find the best solution for any problem you might encounter with your vessel, whether a simple routine repair is needed or a unique complex one. As illustrated by this case, we can easily adapt a repair to your schedule. If required we can split up an operation and perform it in parts on different locations. Our goal is to keep you sailing with as little delay as possible.