• Finding the best solution for specific conditions

    Finding the best solution for specific conditions


    An 180-meter oil tanker had a leaking stern tube assembly. The owner contacted us and asked us to find the best possible afloat repair solution. Because the vessel could be trimmed we suggested to replace the damaged seals above water during the ship’s stop in Flushing. The repair would be done in cooperation with the OEM.

    Prior to the operation the vessel was trimmed to lift the working area above the water. Our team then built a scaffolding around the stern tube seal assembly. Next our technicians removed the rope guard. This allowed them to clean the entire area and perform an inspection. The assembly was then opened to give the service engineer of the OEM access to the seals.

    After the seals had been replaced the assembly was closed again. Leakage tests were then successfully carried out. Our technicians repositioned and secured the rope guard. They removed the scaffolding to conclude the operation.

    While the service engineer of the OEM was working on the stern tube seals our team performed a UWILD inspection of the oil tanker. It could easily be combined with the repair. By doing this the owner was saved the hassle and cost of multiple mobilizations and possible delays to his vessel’s sailing schedule.

    This operation is a perfect example of how we use our experience and know-how to offer the best solution for a specific situation. Often an underwater seal replacement using our flexible mobdock technique is the only option, but in this case trimming the vessel was more efficient.

    We aim to reduce cost and off- hire time for customers while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards of repair and maintenance. This is true whether the scope of work entails a smaller operation with a limited time-frame, or more complex  repairs  that  usually  take  a  lot  more  planning  and require the construction of specific equipment.  

    If you have a problem, any problem, with a vessel give us a call. We will evaluate the situation and let you know if an in water solution is feasible.