• In record time Hydrex performs operations all over the world

    In record time Hydrex performs operations all over the world


    In a period of only ten days Hydrex diver/technician teams have flown all over the planet to perform a wide range of underwater operations on five different continents. The services offered ranged from routine inspections and maintenance work all the way through to highly technical major repairs.

    Among these jobs were two welding operations in the U.S.A., a propeller blade replacement in Bermuda and an azipod thruster operation in Japan. A stern tube seal repair and a spinner cone replacement were performed in Singapore, while a hull repair was carried out in Uruguay and a cofferdam operation was completed in India. Hydrex diver/technician teams also performed a doubler plate repair in Belgium, underwater cleaning work in the U.S.A. and the Bahamas on vessels coated with the Ecospeed hull coating system, and hull monitoring surveys in Spain, Gabon, the Netherlands, and Equatorial Guinea. Be sure to read our upcoming magazines for detailed accounts and pictures of some of these operations. (for a charted map of these operations, please click on this link.)

    “Because these jobs often had to be performed back to back or simultaneously, establishing a flawless line of communication between our technical department and the different diving teams was essential,” says Hydrex Production Executive Dave Bleyenberg. “In order to get the right person with the right knowledge at the right location during such a hectic period, perfect planning is crucial.”

    With close to 40 years of experience and well trained diving teams at its disposal, the Hydrex technical department knows how to handle this kind of situation without loss of quality or unnecessary loss of time for the customer.

    All these operations were engineered and carried out in close cooperation with the customer and any third party suppliers. Whether it entails a simple maintenance operation or a complex repair or replacement of a ship’s external underwater equipment and machinery, Hydrex can take on, organize and execute the entire job, start to finish. This relieves the customer of all the hassle of coordination, planning and supervision. The technical department begins with evaluating the feasibility of an underwater operation, continue through mobilization of diver/technicians and equipment, and go all the way through to a successful execution and subsequent follow-up.
    To be able to do this, Hydrex has an in-house R & D department that can take care of the engineering aspects of an operation. In this way turnkey solutions can be offered for both everyday operations and intricate repairs that require the construction of specific equipment. In all cases the research and development is aimed at reducing cost and off-hire time for customers while maintaining the highest quality standards of repair and maintenance.

    Through an ever-expanding, worldwide network of offices and service stations, Hydrex can provide a wide range of services economically at any location. Headquartered in the Belgian port of Antwerp, Hydrex has offices in Tampa (U.S.A), Algeciras (Spain), Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam (India), and Port Gentil (Gabon).

    From these locations, specialized repair and diver teams can be mobilized immediately to almost anywhere in the world. All the lightweight equipment used by the teams is stored in fast response centers which are designed especially for the purpose of speed and are equipped with all the latest facilities and tools. A good example of the easy to transport equipment is a range of unique flexible mobdocks which are used to perform stern tube seal, thruster, rudder and other permanent repairs that require a dry working environment. By bringing drydock conditions to the ship, customers can save the time and money that is lost by going off hire and into drydock.

    Hydrex diver training programs
    One of the reasons Hydrex can offer its customers the high quality of service they deserve is the stringent training all divers go through, whether they work for the Hydrex main office in Antwerp or for one of the other offices. Besides being required to have official international commercial diver certificates and taking high standard external courses, including offshore courses, they also receive comprehensive in-house training.

    This consists of both theoretical classes in the course room and practical drills on the Hydrex premises. There they have access to a wide range of underwater tools and various other equipment, including three dive tanks in which to learn and practice advanced underwater welding and other repair work.

    In addition to these courses, new divers also get the opportunity to assist experienced Hydrex diver/technicians during operations. The training enables them to become experienced divers and technicians themselves and to take advantage of the technical knowhow and practical knowledge Hydrex has accumulated over the last 40 years. When their training is completed, Hydrex divers are skilled to perform a wide range of operations. They can carry out both simple and complex jobs even in harsh circumstances and achieve this uniformly without unnecessary loss of time or quality.

    Every day a ship is out of service causes a substantial loss of money. In order to provide the customer with the fastest possible response, flexibility is essential throughout any repair or maintenance operation. Keeping a ship in business is a very complex task that does not end at the close of an office day. For this reason all Hydrex offices can be contacted 24/7 to assist customers with any problem related to a vessel’s underwater hull and equipment, whether great or small, whether emergencies or long term projects. Our technical departments are ready to create a tailor-made solution for your specific needs.