• Hydrex at SMM 2014

    Hydrex at SMM 2014

    The 25th shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology (SMM) international trade fair in Hamburg was attended by more than 50,000 trade visitors from all parts of the world. The 2,100 exhibitors, including Hydrex, spread out over 90,000 square meters, were very satisfied with the fair.

    According to the closing report on the trade show, “With its 26 national pavilions and exhibitors from 67 different countries, this year's fair was more international than ever. For the first time, companies from Egypt, Lebanon and Sri Lanka participated in the fair, and Dubai set up its first-ever national pavilion. The Asian market was well-represented, as well. Major players from Korea, Japan and China showcased their impressive portfolios.”

    “The innovation topic featured prominently on the agenda of this year's SMM, which presented the entire bandwidth of maritime innovation. The exhibits covered a wide spectrum, from large-scale ship engineering and shipbuilding products to ship outfitting and equipment supplies, and from cargo handling systems and maritime technologies to specialised services.”

    Hydrex and Ecospeed
    With several new products and techniques on display, the Hydrex/Ecospeed booth fitted in perfectly with the innovative aspect of SMM. As part of the Dutch pavilion, the booth was a popular spot for visitors.

    The Hydrex booth was well manned by Production Executives Dave Bleyenberg and Manuel Hof,  International Sales Manager Rob Wolthuizen and CEO Boud Van Rompay.

    Many existing customers, Hydrex agents, technical people and interested newcomers to Hydrex and Ecospeed dropped by. They enjoyed the friendly, comfortable and informative atmosphere of the Hydrex booth. Much new business was conducted.

    In the background Koen Smouts, Hydrex Equipment Officer, and his team performed flawlessly and efficiently in setting up and taking down the Hydrex booth and making sure that it had everything that was needed, was comfortable and well stocked. This was not an easy feat when the logistic lines from Antwerp to Hamburg are considered, but one that is typical of any Hydrex mobilization for any job anywhere in the world.

    All in all SMM 2014 was a great success and we would like to thank all of you who visited us there for coming. We look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis.

  • Hydrex diver training programs result in an exceptional safety and efficiency record

    Hydrex diver training programs result in an exceptional safety and efficiency record

    Hydrex can offer its customers the high quality of service they deserve while guaranteeing the safety of the divers at all times. This can only be done successfully by staff who have familiarity with a wide range of operations as well as the relevant know-how.  Our diver/technicians are trained and qualified to perform all required class-approved repair procedures in even the harshest conditions.

    This is a result of the stringent training all divers go through. Whether they work for the Hydrex main office in Antwerp or for one of the other offices. Besides being required to have official international commercial diver certificates and taking high standard external courses, including safety and offshore courses, they also receive comprehensive in-house training.

    Training consists of both theoretical classes in the course room and practical drills on the Hydrex premises. There they have access to a wide range of underwater tools and various other equipment, including three dive tanks in which to practice underwater welding and other repair work.

    In addition to these classes, new divers also get the opportunity to assist experienced Hydrex diver/technicians during operations. The training enables them to become experienced divers and technicians themselves and to take advantage of the technical know-how and practical knowledge Hydrex has accumulated over the last 40 years.

    When their training is completed, Hydrex divers are skilled to perform a wide range of operations. This means that if a shipowner needs assistance, we are able to send a team to the vessel immediately without losing time by having to send our divers for training first. They can carry out both simple and complex jobs even in harsh circumstances and achieve this uniformly without unnecessary loss of time or quality or safety.

  • Fuel and Cost Saving Solutions from Hydrex and Ecospeed at SMM 2014

    Fuel and Cost Saving Solutions from Hydrex and Ecospeed at SMM 2014

    Hydrex and Ecospeed are working hard to help you reduce your fuel bills and improve profits. Our business is keeping you in business and helping you cut costs.

    We will be at stand 440 in hall B7 at the Dutch pavilion, for the duration of SMM. We would like to have an opportunity to discuss your needs and how we can help you with some of the important issues facing shipowners and operators today.

    Fuel savings
    Propeller buffing, a new technique developed by Hydrex, designed to keep a ship’s propeller ultra smooth. We will have results of this technique on display at the booth.

    Ecospeed and routine in-water cleaning results in a super smooth hull over the life of the vessel and is the best guarantee of the highest fuel savings possible. This is achieved with the Ecospeed hull coating and routine in-water conditioning and cleaning. The Ecospeed calculator will be available at the booth to take your figures and demonstrate the fuel and total ownership cost savings attainable for your ship with Ecospeed and routine in-water cleaning.

    Propeller cone fins are becoming increasingly popular. Immediate fuel savings can be achieved and Hydrex can install most brands on-site in the wet, so that ships do not have to wait until their next dry-docking to start saving fuel through increased propeller efficiency.

    Ultimate cavitation and corrosion proofing

    Winner of this year’s Seatrade Innovation in Ship Operations Award, Ecoshield is a special glassflake coating designed to protect rudders and other underwater running gear from cavitation and corrosion damage for the life of the vessel with a single application. Ecoshield will be on display at the Ecospeed booth.

    On-site, underwater repair and maintenance to keep ships out of drydock

    Hydrex underwater repair and maintenance exists to keep ships in business without the need to go to drydock. Onsite major repairs to minor maintenance, wherever and whenever it is needed.

    * Temporary or permanent hull repairs
    * Propeller straightening or cropping
    * Thruster removal, replacement or repair
    * All seal repairs
    * Rudder repairs

    Custom operations to meet a variety of needs. Our engineers and technicians will work with you and OEMs to resolve many problems which you may think can only be dealt with in drydock.

    Find out more at our booth.

    Please come and visit us at Stand 440 in hall B7 at the Dutch pavilion. If you would like to make an appointment for a specific date and time, please call R. Wolthuizen on +31 615 840339 or email to rwolthuizen@hydrex.be. Or contact our office in Antwerp +32 3213 5300

  • Dive support workboats offer many logistic possibilities for Hydrex customers

    Dive support workboats offer many logistic possibilities for Hydrex customers

    The Hydrex headquarters in Antwerp has two dive support workboats available for immediate mobilization. Both vessels can be used for a wide range of operations in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France.

    The catamarans are fully equipped as dive support stations with hydraulic cranes, hydraulic winches, nautical and communication equipment and a dive control room. A PDF document with details about the vessels can be found here or requested by contacting our office in Antwerp.

    The workboats are usually docked right outside the Antwerp office, where a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and tools is available at all times.

    Hydrex has experienced and certified teams of diver/technicians ready to mobilize together with the workboats. They can carry out routine operations as well as highly technical repair work within a very short time frame and all to Hydrex’s well-known high quality standards.

    You can contact us 24/7 for more information about these vessels or the underwater services Hydrex offers.

  • Hydrex international sales conference

    Hydrex international sales conference

    On the 11th and 12th of June 2014 Hydrex and Subsea Industries hosted an international sales conference which was attended by many of the companies’ agents from around the world. The conference was a highly instructive event for all those attending and everyone left with renewed enthusiasm for selling and supporting Hydrex underwater repair and maintenance services and Ecospeed and Ecoshield in all parts of the world.

    Agents attended from Canada (new agency just appointed), China, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Russia, Sweden, with Hydrex sales personnel from the USA and Belgium. Hydrex International Sales Manager Rob Wolthuizen led the event. There were technical and commercial presentations from Rob, Manuel Hof, Dave Bleyenberg and David Phillips, guest presentations from Mr. Gert Hendriksen, Managing Director of Maritime Propeller Repairs BV and Mr. Peter Zoeteman, Managing Director of Netherlands Maritime Technology. There were also practical demonstrations of Hydrex technology and a tour of Antwerp harbor on a Hydrex workboat.

    Feedback from the conference was excellent. It has promoted a greater spirit of cooperation amongst agents and between Hydrex and Subsea and its agencies.

    The Hydrex/Ecospeed agency network has been expanding considerably recently. A full list of current, active Hydrex and Ecospeed agencies can be found here. We encourage all our customers to work with their local Hydrex and Ecospeed agent as well as with our central offices.

  • Hydrex 40 Years On

    Hydrex 40 Years On

    On the 16th of May 2014, Hydrex celebrated its 40th birthday. The company was officially founded by Boud Van Rompay in Antwerp, Belgium, on 16 May 1974 with the very specific and broad purpose of researching and developing underwater technology that would help keep ships out of drydock and in business and at the same time minimize the impact of shipping on the marine environment by the use of sustainable technologies for hull protection and fouling control.

    Over the intervening years Hydrex has pioneered many new techniques for underwater maintenance and repair, such as cofferdams and habitats, flexible mob-docks, propeller straightening and cropping with in-house designed equipment, industrial strength hull cleaning equipment and so on.

    After a great deal of research which began in the early days of Hydrex, Ecospeed was developed as a non-toxic hull coating and fouling control system which combines a hard, non-toxic coating with routine in-water cleaning – the most sustainable and cost-effective answer to protecting the hulls of ships and maximizing their fuel efficiency by maintaining ultra low friction for the life of the vessel. This was followed by Ecoshield, the toughest and most resilient protection from cavitation and corrosion damage for rudders and underwater running gear. This year Ecoshield was awarded the prestigious Sea-Trade Innovation in Ship Operations Award.

    For 40 years Hydrex has been and continues to be at the forefront of pioneering and developing underwater technology to keep ships operational and reduce the environmental impact of shipping.


  • Ecoshield Wins Seatrade 2014 Innovation in Ship Operations Award

    Ecoshield Wins Seatrade 2014 Innovation in Ship Operations Award

    The Seatrade 2014 Innovation in Ship Operations Award was won by Subsea Industries for its breakthrough product Ecoshield, ultimate protection from cavitation and corrosion/erosion damage for ship hulls, rudders, and ship underwater running gear.

    The Innovation in Ship Operations category was sponsored by ASRY. and judged by a very distinguished and knowledgeable panel of judges, chaired by Mr. Koji Sekimizu, Secretary-General of International Maritime Organization (IMO). The award was presented by HRH The Princess Royal and accepted for Subsea Industries by David Phillips, Hydrex Group Communications Executive at the Seatrade 2014 Awards Dinner held at the Guildhall in London on April 14th, 2014.

    Boud Van Rompay, Founder of Hydrex and Subsea Industries and the developer of Ecoshield said, “We are delighted to receive this prestigious award. We know that the judges are highly expert and discriminating and we take the award as a very valuable acknowledgement for our achievement with Ecoshield. It is a simple solution that puts an end to cavitation and corrosion damage which has plagued the shipping industry for more than a century.”

    According to the judges of the Seatrade 2014 Awards “it is recognized that cavitation damage has been a very significant problem that ship operators have had to contend with since metal rudders were placed behind propellers in order to steer ships. The judges consider that this entry represents a significant development in the protection afforded to rudders, which has been extensively tested both in terms of preventing cavitation damage and assessing its environmental performance.”


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